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Kokeshi Tarot Cards

A deck full of color, meaning and love!

Tarot used to be a "serious" thing, sometimes charged by a dense energy, and that's perfectly ok, but sometimes change is needed and the Kokeshi Tarot brings all the meaning of a Rider-Waite-Smith based Tarot, combined with cute characters and colorful cards to create a kawaii universe suitable for all audiences.

It's cute

It's full of color

It's fun

It's for kids

But despite the softness of this deck you can also see the symbolism and richness of a normal tarot deck and can make an actual reading with this cards because the essence of a good deck is still there. Also, this is a wonderful option for the future tarot readers: the children, because they can approach to the amazing tarot world through this cards while they have fun.

Kokeshi Tarot

And children are not the only one that can learn from this tarot, this is a perfect deck to learn and every card have useful information like the zodiac/astrology symbol and the element (fire, water, earth and wind) that corresponds to each card. The colors also help in this learning process, many of them represents something important about the meaning of the card.

Kokeshi Tarot


Here you can find some cute products with the images of the Tarot cards!

Kokeshi Tarot

I really hope you can enjoy this deck

This deck was made with all my love and all my heart and I know that this work can resonate with that part of your being that looks for something different, cute, colorful, minimalist and special.

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Kokeshi Tarot